Cloudy Minds

Emotions are weather in the atmosphere of our minds. Like changing seasons we have emotional cycles, and within those we have bouts of stormy weather that cloud our minds.

Every time it rains in my mind, I lose sight of this. I identify with the emotional tempest. I become it, it becomes me. It’s my everything, all that I can see. I have to remind myself that it too will pass, and that the clear, blue sky remains always present if not immediately visible.

Living in Minnesota teaches you about living with the weather. At a minimum it teaches you to accept the weather as it is because there’s nothing you can do about it and you know it will pass. Better yet, it also provides an opportunity for an even greater lesson: bad weather can be fun if you are willing to engage with it. Without winter sports, Minnesota might be a drag.

Our minds are the same way. With a little insight and curiosity, tough emotions can be an interesting opportunity for growth and reflection, and sometimes our moods and their underlying motivations are downright hilarious. We have emotions for a reason. What are they telling us? So bundle up, grab your sled, and slide your way through the winter of your discontent!

For #MayBookPrompts Day 10 prompt “The Winter of Our Discontent”

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