Embracing Dark

A fire dances before you in the pit, the darkness so thick the hot light barely illuminates itself. The flames flicker and shadows paint the ground in hypnotic designs. The heat on your face begs you to wonder about the invisible radiation that you swim in and, in turn, about the particles that swim in you.

Would you rather a path be wide, open, and bright, or walk a trail dark, narrow, and tight? Sometimes the light is sterile and cold leaving you exposed, disconnected, and alone; cast in stark contrast with your surroundings, your separation an apparently obvious fact.

The night can be warm and tender in comparison, as if the shadows embrace you in quiet mystery. All things compress around you and the duality between self/other blurs; easy definitions become obfuscated by stygian contemplations.

For #MayBookPrompts day 18 “Tender is the Night”

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