I’m Morgan: A lawyer, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a martial artist, a Unitarian, a transcendentalist, a writer, a Puerto Rican, a Minnesotan, an American, a man, a human… One little, two little, three little labels.

Language is an asymptote to my zero. Forever approaching, but never reaching me.

There are a nearly infinite number of words I could use to describe myself. When I run out of words, I could make up more. There is no limit to the concepts I can create to define myself with, the lines I can draw and call meaningful differences. But they never get there.

In fact the more specific I get, the farther from reality I end up. Of all the words listed above, the most accurate definition of me feels like my name, but that is the only one that is meaningless.

Is meaning the problem?

Strip away all the words and what’s left of me?

And then there were none; yet here I am. With each label I remove, I become more expansive until all that is left is everything and nothing. What is actually there reveals itself. Barriers broken, veil pierced. Pure experience transcends definition. It is what it is. I have no thoughts of the divine.

For #MayBookPrompts day 21 prompt “And Then There Were None”

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