“Shoot, it doesn’t reach.”
“Yes it does, oh ye of little faith.”
“You’ve never used it before, how do you know if it reaches? I’m telling you it doesn’t reach.”
“I know because I’m a positive person.”
“I’m not being negative. I’m stating a bare fact. By saying that you’re being positive, you are painting the situation as negative and then trying to ignore it. That makes you a negative person just as much as a positive one.”

Anyway you slice it, you’ll end up with more than you asked for. That’s life. Try as you might, you can’t parse it into neat little piles. Try for one thing, and you’ll invariably end up with some of the other. Opposites, they’re inseparable, two sides of the same coin. In fact, it seems the more you strive for one side, or more specifically, the more you try to avoid the other side, the more of it you’ll end up with. That’s why I stopped slicing, and started to just enjoy the whole pie.

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