Scenic Overlook

The trail right now is rocky and steep,
rain and mud and banged up knees,
humid in the sun, if dark, mosquitoes,
but we’re not done, so up still we go.

My hand is in yours, and yours is in mine.
All our gear is shared, and we’re combined.
You help me up; what you’ve lost, I find.
When it gets hard, I look in your eyes.

I see everything that we can make:
wedding rings and birthday cakes,
obstacles passed and righted mistakes.
Our life’s a tent, we’re each a stake.

Now I walk light, my strain has eased.
The path’s still hard, but I am pleased.
Each step we take, I know it leads
towards a life together that we complete.

I’m looking forward to looking back:
A view from the summit to see the path.
Aged and nostalgic in our flashbacks,
but ready for the plummet and the aftermath.

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