Rock Tumbler

Call me a faggot,
and I’ll make an agate
as I polish that word on my beaten shores.

Call me a creep,
I’ll hop in my jeep
and climb right over your mountain’s ores.

Llámame spic,
and I’ll move real quick
as I dance salsa past you on parquet floors.

Call me a chink,
and I won’t even blink
while my karate chop breaks through your wooden boards.

Call me a savage,
and I’ll try to salvage
the pagan beauty from your prudish lore.

Call me a bitch,
I’ll flip my switch
and vacuum the dust dirtying up your core.

Call me a nigger,
and I’ll be a digger
laying underground rails down beneath your floors.

Say another word,
and I’ll be a bird;
I’ll spread my wings, take a leap, and soar.

Maybe you’ll have luck,
when I call you a fuck
and you’ll come with me when I go explore;
taking your words beyond my beaten shores.

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