When half die of starvation, and half of heart disease
I wonder about the motivation behind our policies.
How much provocation until we start to see
past the obfuscation of ‘prosperity’?
Isn’t the goal of creation to strive to be
living in nations built on equality?

But heart disease it’s a part of these
un-smart theories and policies
made for dairies and food factories.

Out of bounds excess doesn’t help you or me,
so how about a bit less cholesterol and calories?
I might starve, but at least I won’t clog my arteries
no matter how much I feast; I don’t hog on slaughter, see?
No fatter cow or a beast that you flog in factories,
no processed chow you call meat because hate makes heart disease.

I can’t be patient and stationary
because the status quo has turned into the
biggest foe I’ve ever seen;
Letting us know from where we’ve been
that we’ve nowhere to go, and when we try to win
it’ll try to slow our movements.
As we try to grow, it’ll box us in.
Don’t pass go, straight to jail we went.
No $two hund-o, it’s already spent
because staying status quo takes some payment
to maintain us folks as dumb as cavemen.
But monopoly on how we’re changing
has got to me, so I’m a-raging.
No heart disease can cage me in
because I won’t eat what they’re feeding.

We’re advertising milk and chicken
as appetizing and finger licking
without disclosing that it will quicken
our demise, and it will sicken
remaining lives as blood will thicken.
World can’t survive another helping
of thunder thighs with extra bacon
on a king-sized, thick-cut steak and
on the side got a milk shake and
take a bite and now they’re thinking
that another might just have us fainting
because saturated lies have hearts all aching.

It’s hard to breath and I start to seize
as sharp degrees of pain dart to the extremities,
vision blurry, brought to my knees, it’s hard to see.
Decisions hurry as my arteries get hard and freeze.
Precision surgery jump start me please!
My heart can’t breathe!
Because it’s heart disease and it’s got to me
because I ate what they said was healthy
and swallowed what kept them all wealthy.

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