Rouse the Ruse

It’s time to wake up!
Don’t snooze your alarm!
You dreamed of good luck,
But the ruse does more harm.

Open your eyes.
I know that it’s bright,
but after the burn
you’ll regain your sight.

Your dream was a lie;
A too-lazy wish;
A thing that if real
would bore you to death.

Now you’re awake
and things seem so hard,
but you learn everyday
to be who you are.

Soon, if you’re lucky,
you’ll come to discover
there’s no dream or awake,
there’s no self or other.

Is is is,
and you are too.
Is not not not?
Yes, that’s true too!

So instead of divisions
you put it together,
and dream while awake
of birds of a feather.

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