What’s it cost
to redeem humanity and save the lost,
to save the earth and turn a birth
into a new chance to change our stance?

We’re crisscrossed;
got to stop the insanity to thaw the frost,
replace profit with worth and light the hearth,
and put love in advance of greed and finance.

Put love in advance of need and violence.
Put love in advance of selfish silence.
Offer love as a chance to save our island
because the Earth’s floating in a sea that’s wide, and
if we can’t learn to share we already died, and
if we could just care to change our minds, and
look at the world from our neighbors’ eyes, and
break the trance to save humankind!

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One Response to Bankruptcy

  1. Great poem, now to just get everyone to go along. Good thing is some of us are already moving in that direction or arleady there 🙂

    Happy New Years


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