People are people no matter how they seem.
If you keep all they reap all you’ll ever be
is another citizen of hypocrisy.

We all came on boats, you don’t walk on water.
You made them scapegoats and fuel for the fodder.
Can’t you see the big hoax leading you to the slaughter?
While you’re hating these folks business is raiding your larder.

People are people no matter how you read.
Even the creep up in the steeple gets sympathy
from the equal protections of liberty.

It’s been the same joke since before the great charter.
They’re blowing up smoke so we don’t get no smarter.
The agenda they wrote so you’d think like you ought to
shift the blame to the victim, oops you’re making them martyrs.

Deliberate to liberate, don’t walk on water!
Defibrillate the electorate, god knows we got to
make literate the illiterate or go no farther,
obliterate the subjugate, be founding fathers!
If it’s equivocate or inundate, let in the waters,
and irrigate before it’s too late and we can’t bother.
Open floodgates rejuvenate when drought’s upon you.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for; our choices don’t matter.
If it’s real change you hope for, their program must shatter.
We’ll extend the scope more with talk, not just chatter.
Our democracy is a broke whore served up on a platter.
Stop feeding the monster, it’ll only get fatter!

Deliberate to liberate our country.
Defibrillate the electorate of democracy.
Desegregate those subjugated by our citizenry.
If it’s perpetuate or inundate, then let’s swim free
and communicate before it’s too late for you and me.

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