Happy Birthday!

Another turning of your circle; like gears we connect and rotate with each other now, and our circles ripple out making others. It takes my breath away thinking about the concentric cycles that surround us, the turnings we live in. I am awestruck when I think of how they happen to line up to make the life we live.

There are too many to ever know the original cause, but I know that yours is what moves me most powerfully. Yours I can feel, and so I feel that your birthday is a celebration for me as well and for our family because you are what has turned my life around, and what has turned us into we, we into family.

I felt the moment our lives came together. It was the warmth of our teepee. It was a long stare in your eyes. Through you, I felt the universe. I felt like a small gear catching onto the turning wheel. Everything burst into motion. I wheeled forward, and yet I was safe because you held me in that spinning.

The beginning of you is the beginning of me, of us, and our family. I am thankful for that. I celebrate that. I celebrate you. Happy Birthday

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