Whole Truth

Our way we wend
till we surrender.
Finally remember
we’re all pretenders
stuck in the embers.

We’re all on fire
in blazing pyres.
Flames licking higher,
burning us liars
in churning ire
both theirs and mine.

The people that you lied to,
which includes you,
will purify you, crucify you.
A crucible lights up high; blue
burns the light who
immolates you
while you imitate goo
dripping down to
a simpler truth.

You kept on going round,
searching for a sound
to fit with what you found,
but those same sounds around
got you wound in pounds,
under mounds compounding.
You’re not dry, you’re drowning.
Your clown’s a-frowning.
Not spry, you’re bound.
Not sly, confounded.
A ship run a-ground.
A dog impounded
with flies around him.
Your lies propounded
got your eyes astounded.
Then you saw why you floundered.
Not lost, you’ve found it!
You were too shy to expound it,
or to ask around it.
Now your guard is down.
You found common ground.
You’re safe and sound.
Found that truth abounds
in all our sounds.

If you inspect it,
you see it’s about perspective
and how you checked it.
Is it infected, or growing nectar?

A story’s true,
and so are you.
Worry’s undue.
Don’t split wholes in two.

This post is part of my Throwback Thursday series, and originally appeared on 1/5/16

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