You tore me to shreds;
tattered scraps of red
ripped into little pieces.

First you pulled me apart,
then you clawed out my heart;
my chest a hollow trunk.

I thought I should die,
so little was left of I,
instead I had grown.

Rather than end,
I was sown in the wind;
seeds awaiting water.

Then I saw that you cried,
A piece of you had died
at the sight of my slaughter.

Where I now felt big,
You felt like a twig;
alone without roots.

Your tears wet my seeds,
and out of your deed
I grew into a grove.

While you still felt small,
we sheltered you all
under our canopy.

And you molded and rotted,
your pain almost forgotten,
as your humus finally found root.

“My heart gets bigger when it falls apart,”  Inspired by Ellis Delaney’s lyric.

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