Time Value of Moments

I took for granted what I’d been granted.
Growing up I never saw it this way.
I never felt it all slipping away.

Now I devour hours, though I try to fast.
I can’t savor minutes, when days go too fast.
Every instant that goes passed
is taken from my future into my past;
a lump sum added to what has amassed.

The more I carry, seems each has less mass.
I try to grasp, yet every moment turns into my last.
I can’t catch a second, only the now can last.

This piece is about the relativity of time and it’s fleeting nature. Specifically it seeks to express the idea that as we age our perception of time accelerates. What seemed an eternity to our younger self becomes a mere instant. 

Image is from cnbc.com

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One Response to Time Value of Moments

  1. Akash Singh says:

    Amazing poem! Astounding.

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