Muddled things

In hasty desires live muddled things, seeming stunted and unformed.
Yet they move with deliberate ease, unfazed by passing storms.

I fear that on a closer look like icebergs they may be;
their bulky power invisible beneath a murky sea.

So rather than inspect, I’ve let them float along.
The results of this neglect have shown me that I was wrong.

Now I’m upside down, my head beneath the waves;
surrounded by my monsters, I fear that I am crazed.

But here too I find beauty, curious though it may be,
and what now has saved me is my curiosity.

What once were menacing masses with power uncontrolled,
now simply float by like blessings to behold.

No longer lost adrift, the sea has been transformed,
and icebergs now float free as cumulus cloud-forms.

This piece is about equanimity. It explores the power of being open and curious about ourselves and how doing so can help us overcome our bad habits and compulsions by allowing us to see them and accept them and their causes, thus allowing them to pass instead of falling victim to the trap of aversion and attachment.

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