Synthesis (#tbt)

Pride and prejudice, poverty and power, panic and peace, push and pull, thesis and antithesis. A simple model for life. We come up with an idea about how things work, a thesis. Soon thereafter we discover that it’s not the whole story; the opposite of what we thought seems also to exist, the antithesis. We are left with a continuum, a spectrum between these two seemingly divergent points, and we think everything falls within it.

Eventually we might realize that the relationship between our ideas isn’t linear. The farther towards one extreme we move, the closer we get to the other, and round and round we go until we finally realize that there aren’t two poles but an infinite number of points, part of one complete whole, synthesis.

Every time we choose to define something we must confront its opposite, and see that both are only a small part of something much larger. In absolute terms, our reason, which we pride ourselves on so much, will always prejudice us against seeing the whole truth. It will always be a cloying and futile attempt to represent the unknowable, infinite grandeur of life, yet we will always keep trying, cursed with this marvelous gift to create castles in the sand.

This post is part of my Throwback Thursday series and originally appeared in May of 2016. It was part of a #MayBookPrompts series of pieces written using book titles as writing prompts. The prompt in this case was Pride and Prejudice.

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