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I stood behind a small girl, maybe ten years old, near a corner of the low, wide-barred metal fence of the polygonal pen as she tried to get the small horse’s attention. She was having a moment, but it seemed … Continue reading

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“Shoot, it doesn’t reach.” “Yes it does, oh ye of little faith.” “You’ve never used it before, how do you know if it reaches? I’m telling you it doesn’t reach.” “I know because I’m a positive person.” “I’m not being … Continue reading

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Alma mater

Everything is different, yet exactly the same. That’s life. Do people change? Sure, they can. Yet no matter how different they are, some ineffable part of them stays the same. Places are the same way. Have you ever come back … Continue reading

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The First Key

“This is the labyrinth. These are the keys.” I awoke startled by the sound of someone speaking. Suspicious, I didn’t move but glanced my eyes around the room. Nothing seemed amiss. I had a strong feeling of a vivid memory … Continue reading

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